Tales from Orion’s Arm, Vol I.

Stories from the future collected for your consideration

Chosen by popular vote of the Orion's Arm general membership (over a thousand strong as of this writing), these stories each represent a snapshot of the Orion's Arm setting, and take place at various points across both space and a 10,000 year timeline.

This retrophile edition is available on real paper in the manner of many early 21st century low tech entertainments.


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"Heaven’s Door"
by Michele Dutcher

The Nanodisaster wreaked havoc the solar system and nearly drove solar civilization to extinction. Michele Dutcher shows us a snapshot of the early days of the Dark Age that followed; a vision that is haunting in its depiction of dying worlds and living passion …

"Diversion Tactics"
by Steve Bowers

Steve Bowers tells us a tale of a colony on the edge of the dying Federation, of people fighting just to stay out from under foot as the transapients begin to move in to fill the power vacuum left behind …

"Parameter Space"
by Graham Hopgood

The numerous civilizations forged by humanity and the lesser transapients were gradually consolidated into new empires ruled by the Archai. Graham Hopgood gives us a glimpse of a conflict between two such empires, a battle where human-level minds are merely pawns, and the most basic of human drives must fight to survive even passing contact with godlike power ….

"The Devoted Follower"
by Darren Ryding

On many worlds, humans were still the masters, with all the noble qualities and failings of humanity. Darren Ryding takes us to one such world that has fallen into despotism and cruelty. Sometimes a broken civilization may fix itself. Sometimes it may get a little … help.

by Kevin Schillo

Most are the powerless victims of chance, the playthings of unpredictable, capricious gods. But some have decided to take their fate into their own hands in the only ways open to them. Kevin Schillo shows us that the old adage still rings true; if you can’t beat ‘em …

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